June 19, 2015  |  Region 01

ReMoved – Part II

Last year TCCWB Board members gathered to watch ReMoved, a short film about 9 year old Zoe and her journey from her abusive home into the world of foster care.

Now with the release of ReMoved Part II,  Zoe’s journey continues and we are reminded that sometimes we just need to help our kids see that their past does not dictate their future…

ReMoved is a short film following the emotional journey of a nine-year old girl who is taken from her abusive birth home and placed in the tumultuous foster care system. After winning multiple awards at several film festivals within the United States and internationally, this 13 minute film proceeded to spread virally online and garner praise across the board from foster alum, current foster youth, social workers, foster parents, court advocates, judges, attorneys, teachers, and others.

ReMoved – Part I

For further information about the film, please visit, www.facebook.com/removedfilm.