February 4, 2016  |  Statewide

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has released its Annual Report & Data Book for 2015 on Tuesday. This report contains an overview of DFPS programs, services and statistics on abuse and neglect in Texas. 

Key findings for 2015:

171 children died due to abuse and neglect vs. 151 in 2014 – a 13% increase.

274,448 reports of abuse and neglect were made to DFPS, up only 0.5%, and slightly less than the 0.6% increase in Texas’ child population.

176,868 investigations of abuse and neglect were completed, up 5.2%.

66,721 children were confirmed to be abused and neglected, numbers that are flat from 2014.

17,151 children were removed and placed in substitute care, down slightly by 1.3%.

Caseworker turnover remained about flat at 25.7% per year. Supervisor turnover increased significantly from 6.3% to 9.5% in one year.

Average daily caseloads for caseworkers were lowered in each position from 2014*.

INV caseloads decreased by 15% (19.5 to 16.5)
FBSS caseloads decreased by 3.2% (15.6 to 15.1)
CVS caseloads decreased by 9% (31.1 to 28.3)
*5,529 families received primary prevention services through PEI.

You may read the full report by clicking here.