February 25, 2016  |  Region 10

Jeff Davis County CWB Brightens the Day!

Members of the Jeff Davis County Child Welfare Board and their new President Jeff Hoff make a special delivery!

“What an amazing surprise we had this morning!  I stepped outside to grab something out of my car.  As I was walking back into the office, I caught a glimpse of this enormous but gorgeous bouquet.   I thought to myself, “Somebody special is getting a nice surprise”.  A few moments later, to our surprise, Bill Hoff and Gordy walked into our office baring gifts.  BOY OH BOY what gifts they were!  THANK YOU so much!  It was an amazing feeling to receive such thoughtful and beautiful gifts.  We will all be tearing into the  bouquet at our upcoming unit meeting.   THANK YOU!!!”

– Azucena Carrasco
INV/FBSS/CVS Frontier Unit Supervisor