November 27, 2017  |  Statewide

TCCWB Welcomes New Executive Director, George Ford.

AUSTIN, Texas-November 27, 2017

On November 3, 2017, George Ford was named the new Executive Director of the Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards (TCCWB).  The Texas Council is a nonprofit organization led by a board of directors representing eleven regional councils and over 220 child welfare boards in Texas.  Founded in 1978, the mission of TCCWB is to support a statewide network of volunteers concerned with the welfare of children, especially those suffering from abuse and neglect.  Child welfare boards, among many other duties, provide advocacy, education, training, and resources for children involved with Child Protective Services, and the caseworkers who protect them.

Mr. Ford, a long time champion for children and child welfare issues, was formerly the Executive Director for Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults (HCPS). He served in that role for almost four decades before retiring in June 2016. Harris County Protective Services (HCPS), a county department, was founded in 1966 as Harris County Child Welfare Board to provide support services for the children involved with the Texas child welfare system. More than fifty years later, HCPS expanded its services for early prevention and intervention to help at-risk youth and services to help vulnerable adults in the community. 

Tim Allen, President of the TCCWB, said “We are thrilled to have George Ford join our group and provide the Council with leadership and his vast knowledge of the child welfare system.  For many decades Mr. Ford has worked with child welfare stakeholders, lawmakers, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and the community to make changes and improvements for children and families in Texas”.

Mr. Ford is succeeding Shannon Ireland, who recently resigned the board after serving seven years as executive director.  “I welcome the opportunity through the Texas Council to assist the child welfare boards in 220 counties which are serving over 40,000 children each year” said Ford.


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