August 15, 2018

In Memoriam David Topp

David Topp, close friend, benefactor, and supporter for TCCWB for many years, passed away on August 12 in Houston, Tx. Dave was the husband of Lynda Topp, former member and officer of TCCWB for many years. They resided in the Surgarland area and Lynda served on the Fort Bend CWB for many years locally.

Dave was always by her side assisting her with whatever was needed, both financially and work wise also.

For several years they both bought computers for the Male and Female Foster Award Winners for the TCCWB and were financially generous in support of TCCWB. Dave would accompany her to Austin for meetings and work side by side with her and the Board each time. Dave cared deeply about families and children and this was easily seen by his actions.