July 26, 2019

Jaggers gets jail time for theft, misuse of funds conviction

“A Montgomery County nonprofit leader pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of theft and misuse of funds arising from her use of more than $50,000 from the nonprofit Orphan Care Solutions of Texas to purchase items for her home, fund vacations and buy jewelry.

Terri Jaggers, who also serves as president for nonprofit organizations Hope’s Path and the Montgomery County Child Welfare Board, was sentenced to three days in jail by Judge Phil Grant. She was taken into custody after the proceeding.

“There are over 700 children in CPS custody right now in Montgomery County,” Dunman said, referring to Child Protective Services. “Churches, corporations, and hundreds of individuals have given their hard earned money to Orphan Care Solutions and Terri Jaggers in complete trust that those funds would be used to help the children in foster care in our area. Unfortunately, Terri Jaggers decided to use these funds for her own benefit to purchase luxury items for herself and home and take extravagant trips. We now understand why Terri Jaggers fought so hard to control every aspect of this work in Montgomery County – to cover up her criminal conduct.””

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