October 29, 2020

TCCWB Executive Director is Awarded the 2020 Pathlighter Award.

“The Houston Achievement Place Pathlighter Award is awarded each year to a Houstonian who has shown leadership and accomplishments in bettering our Houston community through dedicated service. The recipient of the award has helped “light the path” for others.

George has spent 50 years in the child and adult protective services where he has provided remarkable,stable, and efficient leadership impacting the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, adults, and families involved with abuse and neglect”

We are proud of George’s accomplishments and the example he has set for our community!

See link for more details : https://hapkids.org/holiday-gala/?fbclid=IwAR0pPy1IneaBRqU6yYEV0STPScjwAAgslwLV71mY_S2SE4sKG1a34DyKgqY