December 7, 2015

Lifebooks for Foster Youth

A lifebook brings together a child’s past, present, and future. It is a book to document a child’s history, celebrate accomplishments, and allow his or her talents to shine. It is a record of a child’s life in his or her own words using photos, artwork, and things picked up along the way. It allows a child to honor life, one day and one event at a time.

Working together on a lifebook can bring a parent and child closer together. It creates a natural opportunity to talk about the circumstances of the foster care and/or adoptive placement. A lifebook is a useful tool in any stage of foster care or adoption.

  • A lifebook is an easy tool to use to get to know a new child in your home. Working with the child to create pages that reflect his or her life will help you get to know the child better and build a relationship in the process.
  • A lifebook can help a child prepare to return to their birth family. You can help a child document and celebrate accomplishments while in care, and keep track of the important people in his or her life.
  • A lifebook can help prepare a child for adoption. You can work with the child to build a bridge between the birth family and the adoptive family.
  • A lifebook can help a child build self-awareness and self-esteem. When a child looks through his or her history, they can better understand what has happened to them, who to turn to for help, and the strengths they have which will allow them to move forward. A lifebook should include important milestones to remind a child how much they have accomplished and how many people they have cheering for them.
  • A lifebook allows a child to express themselves creatively and dream about the future.
  • A lifebook can be started at any age. If a child comes to your home without one, it is the perfect time to start working on it.

Whole Lifebook Download:

Full Lifebook in English

Full Lifebook in Spanish


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