December 11, 2014

Texas School Foster Care Liaisons

Each school district and open-enrollment charter school in Texas is required to appoint at least one employee to act as a foster care liaison officer.

Designated District Liaison

The liaison facilitates the enrollment in or transfer to a public or open-enrollment charter school of any child in the district or area served by the charter school who is in the conservatorship of the state (TEC § 33.904).

The 83rd Texas Legislative session added open-enrollment charter schools to an existing law that required districts to designate foster care liaisons. New legislation from that session also required that both districts and charters to submit their foster care liaison’s name and contact information to TEA.

Where can I find and view contact information for foster care liaison?

For step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to view and download a current list of foster care liaisons in AskTED, please view the guidance for how to find the foster care liaison contact information in AskTED (PDF).

A comprehensive list of district and charter foster care liaisons and Education Service Center (ESC) Foster Care Champion contacts, as of July 2014, is provided below for quick reference: