June 24, 2016


The TCCWB Executive Committee is compiling a list of published articles that are relevant to the field of Child Protective Services.

Please contact Executive Director, Shannon Ireland if you have articles that you would like to add to this list.

Baby Doe
New Yorker magazine article forwarded from Judge McCown. Timely and insightful information on the national history and evolution of CPS, and strikingly similar to Texas issues other states have and are facing.

Social Workers at CPS
References studies on improved outcomes when CPS staff have Social Work Degrees.

Child Protective Services IS LOWERING their education requirements
Another NASW article from Will Francis detailing new CPS policy with link to Dallas Morning News article on the issue.

Toxic Knowledge
A study about occupational hazards of working with child abuse.

Child Protection Roundtable Preliminary Budget Priorities
TCCWB has endorsed this document.  Read this before visiting with your State Rep or Senator.

Senior US DISTRICT COURT Judge Janis Jack’s Verdict
This 256 page legal document details the evidence considered by the Court in finding Texas currently violates the Constitutional right of Foster Children to be free from an unreasonable risk of harm caused by the State.